Creating Inclusive Workspaces

Photo of a woman in a wheelchair working at her desk
Empowerment Access strives to help organizations increase the diversity and productivity of their employees for a more inclusive business model. Our Occupational Therapists specialize in environmental modification to ensure the success of workers with disabilities.
“When we need onsite assistance with our most sensitive cases - ADA accommodation, return to work challenges, workplace modifications, even home or community access - we call Empowerment because we know they will help us find a solution.”
Patti Riddle
Medical Leaves Administration, Benefit Services, Cornell University

ADA Reporting

When an employer makes necessary accommodations for people with disabilities - furniture, equipment, strategies - Empowerment ensures that the relevant data is captured for ADA compliance and reporting.

Job Requirement Analysis

Employers need to understand the physical requirements of their work. Empowerment evaluates job tasks to help employers improve job descriptions, ensure worker safety and determine appropriate employee accommodations.

Return To Work & Transitional Work

Designing a transitional work program (also known as light duty) helps people with medical restrictions get back to work faster. Empowerment collaborates with internal multidisciplinary teams to help employees efficiently and successfully return to work.

Project Highlights:

Photo of entrance to Ithaca College building

Ithaca College Environmental Access Initiative

The Ithaca College Office of Affirmative Action and Empowerment by Design's shared vision of inclusive design and universal access resulted in the Ithaca College Environmental Access Initiative. This unique model educated and empowered College staff to meet the challenges of enhanced accessibility in their own work and customer service areas.

Cornell Disability Strategy Planning

As a member of the Cornell Disability Strategy Planning Initiative, a collaborative program developed in response to an executive mandate to make Cornell University more inclusive, Empowerment served on the Employment Committee.  Outcomes included: a database of accessible meeting spaces across campus, improved web directories of disability services and a toolkit of resources to help managers better support staff.  Empowerment took the lead on a pilot to provide accessible, door-to-door campus transportation options for University employees.